Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to know if you're watching too much "White Christmas".

Even I'm sick of my own proselytizing.  Here's some lighter fare for the holidays...

You know you have watched too much “White Christmas” if…

1.   You develop an unnatural craving for liverwurst and buttermilk.

2.      You Google “scat-back” to find out what Bing means about the brunette.

3.     Yellow socks become a must-have! (With garters, or course.)

4.     Your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor becomes “Waverly-Graverly”.

5.     You want to wash your face, your hands, your hair with…snow!

6.     Danny Kaye becomes a little too attractive…in that funny-guy sort of way.

7.     You strive to light a match with your thumbnail.

8.     Vera Ellen’s waistline begins to looks normal.

9.     You find yourself saying, “Gee!  I wish I were back in the army…”

10.   You know the BEST things happen while you’re dancing.

Feel free to add your own!



If you know what all of these mean you have watched far TOO MUCH ‘White Christmas”!  Time for George Bailey…


Sidenote:  Holy Crap.  I am now older than Bing Crosby was when he starred in “White Christmas”. Oh--what a world...





  1. I watched this show last night. Boy is there a lot of white people in that.

  2. ...when you take a sip from a glass and say "pushing, pushing" as you drink...
    ...when you know what a "Vermont Volleyball" is...
    ...when you know all the words and actions to "Sisters" and sing it with your actual sister

    1. ...when people don't push you around, they "utsch you along, every step of the way"

  3. When you are introduced to someone you say "Mutual, I'm sure"...

  4. Awesome. I love that movie. Love the comments. Get me some liver wurst but hold the buttermilk.

  5. When you think Emma should mind her own damn business.

  6. When you agree that something is ideal, and you have to establish that it's ideal.

    Also as a restaurant hostess I seated a party that wanted to sit "boy girl, girl boy" and I immediately responded "isn't that cozy"

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  8. So, then... what *does* scat-back mean?


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