Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Defining Resolution

All right.  I give up.  I shall write a blog about resolutions.  I am plum out of  ideas anyway, and the notion of bettering oneself and catching the wave of collective resolve is undeniably in the air, and on the internet. I have read several blogs about what the past year has brought others, and since I have really no exciting news to share about agents, publishing, reviews, accolades or any other glad tidings of merit hailing from my little empire, I shall skip that part and get on with it.   

 “Resolutions” are a familiar enough notion, however, upon closer examination, Webster’s description held more than I anticipated.  The definition of “resolution” to which I will be adhering is “the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones.”  Though the whole bit about “the subsidence of a pathological state (as inflammation)” sounded intriguing.

 Perhaps many of you can relate:  As a writer, embarking upon my second novel, still trying to market the first, developing community, creating a strong online presence, tweeting, blogging, pinteresting, palavering, querying, researching and commenting, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at all that must be done to arrive at my desired future of publication, with the distinct possibility that, even with my best efforts, it all might go unheeded, and unheralded by others.  It is, as my father used to say, “Like swallowing a rope”.  Gulp.

So, what’s a girl to do?  Turn complex into simple. 

“What can I do today?” 

“What am I moved to do right now?”

And remember, “The process precedes the destination.”

We write because there is a story to tell.  We read because it brings joy.  We commune because it is our nature. We resolve to aim, to strive, and to better ourselves to provide purpose to our lives. 

So go ahead!  Capitalize on this season of resolution, and make a few of your own. What would you choose to determine over the next year?  What seeds will you broadcast, and what harvest do you hope it will bring?

A "Happy New Year to Everyone". 
May your harvest be plentiful.

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