Friday, December 21, 2012

A Call to Writers...

To my fellow writers and most gracious readers:

If you are reading this, "Thank you!" first of all, since trying to get read seems to be my number one goal these days.  (Ahhh.  The pathetic fate of the writer.)

My goal with this blog is to connect with other writers seeking that same slush-pile redemption, that golden-ticket we all want/need/crave to make this time-consuming hobby/obsession legitimate.  We want to be read—Dammit.  Read, hopefully published and in my most immediate case, develop one of those super-cozy-karate-kid type relationships with a fabulous agent who gives me ice-cream, actually reads my manuscript and tells me I’m brilliant.   (Or at the very least says, “Well—I dunno ‘bout this one, but I’ll give ‘er a try.")

If so inclined, please sign on as a follower to my blog, and I shall return the favor.  Perhaps together we can create a community of like-mindedness, and not feel so desperately alone in our struggles for recognition and publication. (That's smacks a bit desperate don'cha think?) If you do sign on as reader, please do comment.  Nothing spreads the warm-fuzzies around like a well-placed thoughtful interjection by others. I shall do likewise—with aplomb.

A few things you should know about me:

*Typos are a fact of life with me.  I’m thinking of making it my signature.  (Like Hemingway and the period.) Forgive me in advance.  I’m writing with a screaming toddler on one leg and a hormonal pre-teen on the other.

*In the last “American Girl” quiz my daughter gave me, I turned out to be “a corn dog”.  Go figure.

*I am a total techno-weanie-gearhead about English history, (especially the Renaissance) and I am prone to long-winded treatises which may end up sounding like a high-school sophomore’s term-paper.

*I am dreadfully old.  Forty-six at last count.

* My book is YA historical fiction/non-fiction

*If you still want to be my friend, I’ll be loyal till the end. (And I’ll read you!)

 I’m tired of watching the cool kids at lunch have all the fun.  I'm a "can-do" kinda gal and so I figure, let’s form our own club—and get busy! (Judy and Mickey would!) Who knows what might happen? 
At the very least, online comraderie, sunshine and perhaps a picnic with friends.


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  1. Hey Jill,

    I saw your comment on YA Stand in regards to critique partners and I am also looking for a CP if you already found one then disregard the comment if not then send me a message via my blog or you can email me at take care.


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